Introducing Nezda Executive Search

We are bringing in a unique approach to Executive Search where we will go back to traditional concept of a true recruiter where deep and meaningful discussion happen. We target the candidates who are prized by their companies. These profiles are not available in traditional portals, profiles that never responds to calls by recruiters and never replies to job introduction emails but would only be interested if the job and the value of your company was discussed with them in all detail and with confidence.


For executive search we know how to keep your search confidence unless opening it to traditional portals is a part of the agreed upon strategy. We are candidate driven, meaning we are increasing our database daily with both active and passive candidates. We know their career goals and the components they look for a potential future employer. We then uniquely match the technical and cultural fit to each client.


As business players we understand your pain in wanting to fill in positions on an urgent note alongside not compromising on the quality of the hire. This in mind, we literally work around the clock to deliver effective Talent Solution for you


We develop in depth knowledge of you and your requirement in our consultative requirement calibration. Thus, we will be able to capture your company Vision, Goals, and Culture and would be able to match candidates only that run and believe on the same cause. Our Executive Search recruiters will build connection on your industry to capture the best of the talents not available in the market. We will be there where talents are. New technology Presentations, Business Summits, Conferences etc... along with the recruiting procedure o ensure you get top notch talents, our Highly trained Head Hunters will talk in detail about your open opportunity and why joining you is the best possible decision.


Nezda ensures a positive candidate experience. We ensure that your hire will choose you among all other competing offers and ensure that he will be there with you and join you towards the achievement of your company goals.


Our Process

Executive Search Hiring Process

Define Requirements

Job Description and Specification, Job Analysis, Discuss of Market, Research, and Company Culture

Expound Domain Network

Business Communities, Social Media, Events and Conferences

Screen Candidates

Reference Interviews, Review of Career Story, Resume Highlights, Industry Functional / Technical Knowledge. Testing of Motivation to change jobs, and Personal Aspiration


About the client, the position, the Job Context, Job Expectations, Application Process Briefing and Timeline, Legal and Job

Competency and Behavior Check

Culture fit, Motivation fit, Coping and Learning Agility, Competencies Matrix, and Business Scenario Testing,

Executive Feedback and Closing the Position

Selecting Orientation, Offer and Negotiation, Close and Search, 3 Months Warranty.

Here at Nezda, we don’t just do business—we make exceptional connections every day.