Local companies struggle to find candidates who can communicate in another language and foreign language speakers struggle the same way to find an employer who would need their foreign language skills. That is why, Nezda is closing that gap. Few people realise how hard it is to find qualified bilinguals. Everyone’s experienced the frustration of hiring an employee who turns out not to be fluent in their mother tongue. No matter how much experience they have. But with our team of bilingual specialists, there are no longer any excuses for not having employees with impeccable language skills. 


We are one of the top bilingual recruitment firms not just in Manila, but the whole Philippines and across Malaysia. We have been recruiting professional bilingual speakers for many business communities since the year 2014. In that time, we have built up a vast network spanning all areas of bilingual-speaking countries, guaranteeing our clients a huge pool of resources from which to choose. 


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If you wish to request for a bilingual talent, you may send us an inquiry at: 

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Our Process

Talent Search Hiring Process

Understanding what client's needs

History,Culture, and Business Project and Objects

Early Stage Recruiting

Utilize Nezda vast database and network, conduct market scans and research, Initiate pooling initiatives

Tie up with local Gov't Units

Peso, Barangay, Tesda, Center fairs/ Job Caravans, and Flyering


In-depth interviews such as Educational and Family Background, Work Experience, Health Issues, and Criminal Record, and Other Info.


Requirements before the Face to face interview: NBI/Police/Barangay Clearance

Interview with Client

Face to face interview with the finalists. Nezda manage the communications and scheduling


Nezda re-qualifies candidate's motivation and drive. Finalist is chosen. Offer presentation and acceptance

It’s the people that bring meaning to everything we do. #WEARENEZDA