Introducing Nezda IT Recruitment

As one of the largest recruitment company in the Philippines, now expanding across Southeast Asia, we make it easy for companies to attract IT applicants. We seek an in-depth understanding of your business, your culture, unique challenges, and your vision for the future so we can align your needs to the best talents we find.

Every step of Nezda recruitment process is tailored to the individual client. From our initial consultation to creating a search plan, sourcing candidates, validating experiences, interviewing and checking references, our diligent process ensures only the most qualified candidates with the right skills and values are presented for your consideration.

Our Process

Talent Search Hiring Process

Understanding what client's needs

History,Culture, and Business Project and Objects

Early Stage Recruiting

Utilize Nezda vast database and network, conduct market scans and research, Initiate pooling initiatives

Tie up with local Gov't Units

Peso, Barangay, Tesda, Center fairs/ Job Caravans, and Flyering


In-depth interviews such as Educational and Family Background, Work Experience, Health Issues, and Criminal Record, and Other Info.


Requirements before the Face to face interview: NBI/Police/Barangay Clearance

Interview with Client

Face to face interview with the finalists. Nezda manage the communications and scheduling


Nezda re-qualifies candidate's motivation and drive. Finalist is chosen. Offer presentation and acceptance

Here at Nezda, we don’t just do business—we make exceptional connections every day.