Nezda's RPO Recruitment Service

Recruiting the right types of people for your company at the right time can be very time-consuming and expensive if done wrong. If you have a recruitment need, time to fill it is typically 3-12 months. In an ever-changing business environment, this presents a slew of challenges. No matter the size of the project, the cost-effectiveness of outsourcing could save money, increase efficiency and provide more sustainable services. 


Being one of the largest recruitment companies in the PhilippinesNezda Technologies is here to help you hire 30 or 3000 people for your growing organization. With our Recruitment Process Outsourcing services, we will not just hire any talent to plug your staffing needs; rather, we will choose ones who understand how your organization works and intersect with the other aspects of your business. That’s what Nezda RPO is all about; we’ve crossed the commoditization threshold in order to be flexible enough to fit each project to each organization. 


With an RPO partner like Nezda, you can scale up your workforce quickly, easily, and cost-effectively. We can provide you with RPO services ranging from contingent labor to outsourcing through our pool of expert RPO career coaches.  


If you wish to request for an RPO talent, you may send us an inquiry at: 

  • PH Business Development Team ( 
  • Malaysia Business Development Team ( 

Our Process

Talent Search Hiring Process

Understanding what client's needs

History,Culture, and Business Project and Objects

Early Stage Recruiting

Utilize Nezda vast database and network, conduct market scans and research, Initiate pooling initiatives

Tie up with local Gov't Units

Peso, Barangay, Tesda, Center fairs/ Job Caravans, and Flyering


In-depth interviews such as Educational and Family Background, Work Experience, Health Issues, and Criminal Record, and Other Info.


Requirements before the Face to face interview: NBI/Police/Barangay Clearance

Interview with Client

Face to face interview with the finalists. Nezda manage the communications and scheduling


Nezda re-qualifies candidate's motivation and drive. Finalist is chosen. Offer presentation and acceptance

It’s the people that bring meaning to everything we do. #WEARENEZDA