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#DOIT: Unveiling the Diverse Landscape of Technology Careers

In today’s digital era, information technology (IT) has become the backbone of businesses and organizations worldwide. As technology evolves at an unprecedented pace, IT professionals play a vital role in

5 Reasons Why You Should Talk to a Tech Recruiter

If you are looking to break into the technology industry, talking to a tech recruiter is one of the best things that you can do.  Jenny Rose Dabac (Recruiter) stated

3 Things to Do After You Get Rejected from a Tech Job Application

Getting rejected from a tech job application can be tough. It is normal to feel frustrated and even a little bit down about it. But do not be discouraged because

5 Ways to Authentically Support Your LGBTQ+ Colleagues in the Tech Field 

As a tech professional, it is your responsibility to ensure that all members of the community are respected and supported.  According to Goldie Cuarez (Senior Recruiter), “Tech jobs have undergone

From Isolation to Innovation: Nezda SERVES Transforms a Community in Paete Towards Progress and Development

The community of Sitio Papatahan in Paete, Laguna has recently witnessed a significant event that celebrates the development of their area last May 14, 2023. The inauguration and blessing of

3 Ways Gen Z Preferences Are Making an Impact on Tech Hiring 

A lot of companies are looking to Gen Zs to bring energy, creativity, and fresh ideas to the workplace. The growing presence of Gen Zs in the workforce is changing

How to Overcome Job Application Challenges in the Tech Industry

Overcoming Challenges in the Tech Industry: Rules to Success Challenges in the tech industry come in all shapes and sizes, and it can be hard to know how to tackle

The Job Market for Tech Professionals: What to Expect

Whether you’re a veteran tech professional or just starting to dip your toes in the tech job market, there are certain things you should know. With so much information out

Tips and Tricks to make the Most out of Nezda’s Recruitment Process

Do you want to Ace Nezda’s Recruitment Process? Let’s make it work! Are you looking to land your dream job at Nezda? Whether you’re a recent graduate or a seasoned

Setting And Achieving Professional Goals In The Tech Industry

It’s no wonder many of us feel like we need to constantly re-invent ourselves to stay current and remain competitive. But being successful in the tech industry isn’t just about