Expert Tips Technical Staffing Agencies Don’t Tell You

Nezda is known to be one of the largest technical staffing agencies in the Philippines who partners with global tech giants to provide job opportunities for aspiring IT professionals. Given that the outbreak of the pandemic has reset every aspect of our lives, we have seen how technology hiring rapidly changed over the past two years. And based on our experience in recruiting tech professionals, a degree or intermediate skills are no longer enough to pave the way for a professional career.

According to JC Gonzales, one of our assistant managers for tech recruitment with more than 6 years of experience in the industry, below are some tips he can give to aspiring IT professionals who are looking to be hired through technical staffing agencies:

  1. Decide the career path in IT that you would like to take (Software Development, Technical Support, Data Analytics, etc.
  2. Enhance your technical skills by enrolling to online courses, joining boot camps and seminars.
  3. Create an online portfolio to show case your skills to future employers.
  4. Practice your communication and other soft skills. It can be your edge in succeeding in this industry.
  5. Find a mentor. It can be your boss, your workmates etc. You can learn so much from them.


While according to Eric Muñoz, another of our assistant recruitment managers – aspiring IT professionals should study about Behavioral Interviewing / Competency Based Interview and how to effectively answer those questions. You must also refresh their knowledge about the projects you did, your role, your key contribution, the setbacks, achievements & technology you used. You must also always BE HONEST of what you know and do not know.

The competition to get into the IT industry is tough, and you should definitely look for partners who will support you not just on your application but also even after being hired as well. Nezda Technologies Inc., as one of the largest recruitment firms in the Philippines can provide you unlimited tech opportunities because we have more than 200 active industry partners. More over, if you’re deciding to apply through Nezda, you will also be getting:

A candidate centric approach on recruitment where we coach our applicants and guide them throughout the recruitment process with real time updates so you know your application status be it positive or negative. We can also give you insights with salary negotiation. Additionally, below are some tips about what items to include in your professional resume when you apply:


  • Your Soft Skills (Leadership, Project Management, Communication)
  • Your Technical Skills
  • A Summary to highlight your strength; (b) Education, Trainings and Certifications relevant to the position you are applying for;
  • Detailed responsibility from previous/current organization


Placing these things on your resume will give you an edge over all other applicants who might not be able to put these in theirs.

According to Mark Angeles, one of our recruitment supervisors – if you want to successfully land a job in the IT industry, you must be the better version of yourself. Learn new technologies and apply those that you learn in every organizations you join.

If you’re interested to start your tech journey with us, #DOIT now and send us a message at


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