How Much Can You Make Working in The IT Sector of the Philippines?

Demand for business process outsourcing drives the most expensive IT jobs in the Philippines. As a result, it is fueling the growth of its information technology sector. Find the 11 best IT jobs in the Philippines with average wages.

Foreign companies offer the best IT jobs in the Philippines. As a result, this has led to higher wages at the local level. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has suspended economic growth in the Philippines. Prior to the lockdown, the World Bank predicted that the Philippines would be one of the fastest growing economies in Asia. Fortunately, things are looking for some industries, especially information technology.

The main driving force for IT payroll in the Philippines is multinational corporations. Most of the top IT companies in the Philippines have hundreds and sometimes thousands of jobs, most of them in IT or IT related positions. As a result, individuals qualified for IT positions in the Philippines have a well-paid career. So what are these top IT jobs in the Philippines today?

The average base salary for IT jobs in the Philippines is 474,000 per year. This may seem low, but please explain it depending on the situation. The median annual income in the Philippines is 182,400. In other words, people working in IT earn almost three times as much as people in other sectors. On the other hand, salaries in the IT industry are very different. Some jobs pay more, while others pay less. Below are the top 10 IT jobs in the Philippines in 2021 according to PayScale.

  1. Senior Project Manager, IT (average annual salary ₱1,874,667)
    The highest paying IT jobs start with the Senior IT Project Manager. Senior IT project managers oversee the work of the IT team. They also implement procedures and provide training.

  2. Solutions Architect (average annual salary ₱1,322,574)
    A Solutions Architect designs and creates systems for a company based on business needs and goals. Solutions architects also work with other departments to use these new systems.

  3. Information Technology (IT) Manager (average annual salary ₱1,308,428)
    Information technology or IT managers manage the company’s computer network and access points. IT managers then establish and manage employee access to networks and software platforms to ensure the security of their data. In addition, IT managers oversee the secure and efficient operation of websites.

  4. Data Engineer (average annual salary ₱1,083,300)
    Data engineers work with large datasets. The goal is to develop code to find trends in the data. Therefore, data engineers work in teams to collect and analyze business data and metrics in real time. It also monitors the data warehouse and executes queries.

  5. Technical Architect (average annual salary ₱1,032,804)
    The technical architect is a facilitator on the development team and a senior manager of IT requirements. Therefore, technical architects design efficient solutions to meet these needs. Some technical architects may also focus on one area of IT. B. Security.

  6. Senior .NET Developer/Programmer (average annual salary ₱979,592)
    Advanced .NET developers or programmers create applications and websites. Experienced .Net developers also debug and configure your system. In addition, it monitors and reviews the work of other members of the software development team.

  7. Senior UX Developer (average annual salary ₱920,000)
    Senior UX developers are responsible for the user experience or UX design and development. Experienced UX developers will guide the design team in creating UX.

  8. Senior SAP Consultant (average annual salary ₱910,000)
    Senior SAP consultants sell software and hardware products. Senior SAP consultants can identify your needs and provide solutions to your problems. In addition, he will lead the SAP team to drive this goal. Senior SAP consultants may also undertake budgeting, accounting, and risk management tasks.

  9. Project Manager, Information Technology (IT) (average annual salary ₱909,619)
    The IT project manager plans and implements the development project. The IT project manager ensures that the team completes each phase of the process on time. To achieve this, IT project managers take a hands-on approach to managing team members. In doing so, the IT project manager motivates team members to achieve the project goals.

  10. Senior Java Developer (average annual salary ₱900,000)
    Senior Java developers oversee the software development team. Advanced Java developers also take on demanding programming tasks. In addition, you can guide team members and give advice on projects.

  11. Sr. Network Engineer (average annual salary ₱893,000)
    Senior network engineers design, build, and ensure the proper and secure operation of computer networks. In addition, an experienced network technician will make a backup of your system. You also need to be able to troubleshoot network issues. In some cases, an experienced network engineer can also support a third-party network for your customers.

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