Ways on How Viber Shapes the Future of Communication

Manage, grow and engage a Viber community!

People around the world want to be part of the community, and Viber users around the world share this desire. People want to gather around a common interest and a common passion and have a common way to communicate easily and instantly. The Viber community is a great way to connect people based on mutual interest in any topic through the apps you use regularly (your favorite messenger).

Here are some tips on how to manage and grow your community and include people who use Viber as much as possible.

CHOOSE THE MOST IMPORTANT PRINCIPLES AND GUIDELINES FOR YOUR COMMUNITY. Successful and enthusiastic communities usually have clear goals and guidelines that members can identify and follow.

Start by defining the key guidelines that community members must follow. Inform members of your community that you’re denying spam or inappropriate content, and explain what activities are allowed and what aren’t allowed in your community. Make it easier for community members to remember.

Pin the policy at the top of the chat. Investigate when creating a policy. Join and join other communities and think about what you like and dislike, what the community looks like, and the style you want to use. Consider what guidelines you will need. For example, a member posting spoilers to the Game of Thrones community can offend other members and even leave people out of the community. Establishing the guidelines makes it easier to define the principles. Think about what you want to achieve in your community and what a successful community should look like.

TURN PASSIONATE MEMBERS INTO COMMUNITY MANAGERS. Now you can continue to recruit the right combination of people for the success of your community. As you are a community super administrator, you can choose an administrator or co-pilot to guide your community in the right direction. The admins are also community moderators and help manage chat.

CHOOSING AN ADMINISTRATOR WHO IS AS PASSIONATE ABOUT THE COMMUNITY, as you can provide strong leadership to members of the community. Avid members are more likely to participate in chats and activities, share knowledge, and take pride in the community. They are also more likely to avoid negative or destructive behavior. This defines the role of community moderators and how to respond to inappropriate content. Actions you can take include removing and banning members from the community, and removing all posts in the community. Remember the admins who can help moderate the community.

Make an emotional connection between the community and its members once the community is set up, we will focus on how it can help keep people connected and involved. Helps members develop a sense of belonging based on their interest in community topics. Think about how to make members actually feel some of the big things. Follow these four community basics when deciding how to develop your community:

MEMBERSHIP. The feeling that each member belongs to the community.

INFLUENCE. The feeling that members can influence what happens in the community. Think about different ways in which an individual can contribute, not just in contributions, but in other ways as well.

INTEGRATION AND RESPONDING TO NEEDS. How communities grow needs to be beneficial to both members and the community itself. For example, if you post too often and don’t allow members to post, comment, or speak about your content, they will feel like you’re missing out.

SHARED EMOTIONAL BONDS. Community members feel connected to each other at some level. Building connections between community members is not easy, but it starts with promoting activities that provide regular contact, quality interaction between members, shared experiences, and emotional openness.

CONCLUSION. Create common connections and interests A successful community revolves around mutual interests and shared connections or values between members. Avid members will want to feel that they can influence the development of the community in some way. Note how members react to community posts.

Use your feedback to decide what to do in the future. Please be flexible about what you post and when you post it. Encourage members to promote and share your community. And don’t forget to promote your community wherever you can. Now that you know how to manage, grow, and engage your community, you’re ready to start setup, invite new members, select admins, and start posting.

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Source: https://www.viber.com/en/blog/2018-11-13/manage-grow-and-engage-a-viber-community/

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